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As a result of negotiations, our expert convinced the buyer to offer 35.500.000 for the apartment. However, the owner so convinced himself of the value of his copy that he did not agree to the deal. As a result, the buyer refused the deal, buying an apartment on the floor below, also overlooking the river, for 32,000,000 rubles

Conclusion. Values ​​often drive us into a cognitive trap. We think that if these values ​​are important to us, others will certainly agree with our assessment. But it's not!

Types of real estate. What is real estate in terms of law?

If we raised questions of valuation and value, then it would be time to talk about the types of real estate in terms of law.

When talking about buying real estate, we often say the phrase “will be left as a legacy to children”. But what are we leaving as a legacy? What asset?

A few years ago, an incident occurred: two heirs of a Moscow apartment - both citizens of Canada - entered into a dispute over the inheritance. They decided to sort things out among themselves in a Canadian court.

One filed a lawsuit against the other, and the Canadian judicial system took and did not accept the lawsuit, because after analyzing the documents for the property, it called the apartment in Moscow "inferior real estate." Why did it happen?

According to Russian laws, the land plot on which an apartment building is located belongs to the common property of the owners of apartments in this building and belongs to them as a common shared property.


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