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Monica Morales 

Vision Statement

When I moved to Los Angeles in August 2016, I joined the ASCE LA YMF in October 2016 to meet like-minded people and in February 2017, I dived in and volunteered to be a Dream Big Co-Chair. Through this position, with the help of many experienced ASCE LA YMF members, we were able to screen the Dream Big IMAX Film for free to thousands of students from Tier 1/Title 1 schools in Los Angeles in a matter of months. I quickly learned how budgeting worked, how to organize events, and most importantly, how to make engineering fun and engaging for students! ASCE over the years has helped introduce me to the best of friends in Los Angeles, provided me a way to give back to the community and feel like I was doing something of genuine value, such as sharing my engineering career path with students with similar backgrounds like mine, first-generation college students, low income students, people of color and girls! By holding the Engineers Week Chair position the past two years, I learned how to fundraise large sums of money where excess funds would benefit other chairs’ events, how to network with new Council Districts, agencies and companies for venues, speakers, volunteers, and new schools to work with and invite, as well as lead a team of people to hold a successful series of events for hundreds of students. By holding an Executive Board position of Secretary this fiscal year, I have learned even more about how to budget for all of our events, and how ASCE internally works such as what is involved to win a Group YMF Award, and how to best manage our funds. I have had so much fun, developed exponentially professionally through public speaking and networking, and received a lot of notoriety within the ASCE community and within my working network through the awards I earned. I want to help all of our members benefit like how I did in such a short amount of time through ASCE. I want to help grow our Younger Member Forum and continue to nurture people’s new ideas and awesome enthusiasm to make a positive difference in our community and grow professionally. I plan to be a helping hand for all of our chairs, and plan to engage new members so they feel welcomed. I would be honored to hold the President-Elect position for 2020 to continue the legacy that ASCE LA YMF has built by motivating and promoting our YMF members like how others have done for me. Let’s Dream Bigger and make it happen, together!

ASCE Board/Committees/Positions 

  • ASCE LA YMF Secretary - 2019

  • Engineers Week Chair - 2019

  • Engineers Week Chair - 2018

  • Dream Big Chair - 2017

  • Future Engineers Week - Girl Day Lead - 2020

Other Applicable Volunteer Activities

I am part of AFSCME 1902 (VP Group 1) and President of PAEO


  • ASCE New Faces of Civil Engineering Honoree - 2019

  • ASCE Daniel Mead Prize for Younger Members - 2019

  • City of Los Angeles Certificate of Recognition by Mayor Garcetti - 2019

  • Girl Scouts of Greater Los Angeles Appreciation Pin - 2019

  • DIY Girls Inspirational Leader Award - 2019

  • ASCE Los Angeles Section Outstanding Civil Engineer in Community Service - 2017

  • ASCE Metropolitan Los Angeles Branch Outstanding Civil Engineer in Community Service - 2017

  • ASCE LA YMF President's Award - 2017

  • Angeles Mesa Elementary School Dream Big Appreciation Plaque - 2017

Vice President 


Chloe Gharios

Vision Statement

I am extremely proud to be a member of LA YMF, and this year we are finally getting the recognition we deserve at the ASCE Annual Convention in Miami with the ASCE Large Group Award. This is due not only to the extreme hard work and dedication of our members, but also the creativity and passion each and every board member has to come up with new ideas and see them through. As a member of the executive board, I simply want to continue to support and cultivate that creativity so that we can continue to DREAM BIG, DO BIGGER, and truly be the greatest younger member group ASCE has ever seen. I would love to support and help with more new events like the International Women in Engineering Day Brunch, the amazing community service projects like the community garden in South LA, continuing to reach as many students as we possibly can with STEM education, and many many more. I will continue to support LA YMF in doing what we do best, and that's quite simply- BIG. Engineers Week in Los Angeles started as one day, and now it is an entire week... Let's see what else we can dream up? As I like to say, "In true LA YMF fashion, LETS DO THIS THING!"

ASCE Board/Committees/Positions 

  • WRYMC Planning Committee Social Chair -2016-2017

  • Membership Co-Chair - 2017-2018

  • K-12 Outreach Co-Chair - 2018-2019 

  • Current Engineers Week Middle School Day Lead 2018-2019

  • International Conference on Sustainable Infrastructure Conference K-12 Committee - 2019

Other Applicable Volunteer Activities

  • West Adams High School STEM Advisory Board Member (2019) LADWP K-12 Outreach Committee (2019)




Meghrie Demirdjian

Vision Statement

This past year with ASCE LA YMF has been nothing short of adventurous, educational, and fulfilling. As Scholarship co-chair, it was my goal to make scholarships more attractive to students. This was achieved through revamping the scholarship guidelines to make the application process as simple as possible. I am beyond excited that we were able to establish two new LA YMF Outstanding Student scholarships in an effort to award more deserving applicants and encourage them to pursue engineering careers! During my undergraduate studies, I was Secretary of my ASCE student chapter at CSUN (2013-2014). I actively notified students in the Engineering and Computer Science Department regarding career and scholarship opportunities as well as networking events and technical presentations hosted by LA YMF and MLAB. I know from personal experience how these events provide a supportive environment that is crucial to thrive in this field. I am extremely proud to be a part of the LA YMF family and share the following ambitions with our board members: to make engineering appealing to more students, women, and minorities; to advocate the urgency for advancements in infrastructure; and to partake in professional development workshops, networking, and community service opportunities. As Secretary, it will be my personal duty to keep an impeccable record of past events in order to get LA YMF the recognition it deserves. I will also be responsible for keeping members informed of upcoming events where they will be able to network, learn new skills, have fun, and advance their strengths. I look forward to continuing this amazing journey with LA YMF and winning more awards!

ASCE Board/Committees/Positions 

  • ASCE LA YMF Scholarship co-chair - 2018-2019

  • ASCE LA YMF Engineers Week Chair - 2020.

Jonathan Ontiveros

Vision Statement

To strive towards innovation, to inspire the following generations, to carry ASCE’s VISION for civil engineering, to help facilitate change for the continued betterment of our members, and to serve to the best of my ability; I will fulfill all the duties of the executive board position of secretary within ASCE’s Los Angeles, Younger Member Forum. “Change will not come if we wait for some other person, or if we wait for some other time. We are the ones we've been waiting for. We are the change that we seek.” ― Barack Obama, 44th U.S. President

ASCE Board/Committees/Positions 

  • University Outreach Co-Chair - 2017-2018

  • Sports Co-Chair - 2017-2018

  • PE Review Co-Chair - 2018-2019

Other Applicable Volunteer Activities

Other Applicable Volunteer Activities

Helped (planning, awards, grading technical papers, presenting scholarships and awards, leading hands-on activities) during the following events:

  • Popsicle Stick Bridge Competition – 2019

  • Engineers Week - 2019

  • Student Night and Job Fair - 2019

  • ASCE CSUN Student Chapter Secretary – 2013-2014.





Benjamin Baker

Vision Statement

I would welcome the opportunity and privilege to remain on the Executive Board as treasurer for the 2019-2020 fiscal year in order to leverage my experience as treasurer during the 2018-19 fiscal year to continue building up ASCE LA YMF’s strong financial health. I would be delighted to continue managing LA YMF’s accounts and budgets—over $120,000 in annual revenue and expenditures—to ensure the success of the organization, including the success of SNJF, EWeek, PERC, etc. I would issue timely payments in a reliable and secure manner, striving to process reimbursements on the same day as requested. I have developed a forecast column for the treasurer’s report which has been useful to inform decisions on how much surplus can be used for new activities. I am interested in automating some features of generating the treasurer’s report in order to simplify the process for communicating remaining balances. I have a goal of achieving a higher rate of return for LA YMF’s reserve money. I also would like to follow up more with company sponsors to thank them for their donations and share photos of events. I have actively enjoyed ASCE activities since 2006. I have regularly participated in monthly LA YMF board meetings since 2012. I acted as LA YMF university outreach chair for three years and continue to serve as an ASCE at UCLA practitioner advisor. I envision motivating our team to increase membership and attendance at events as we deliver value through professional development and social activities. ASCE LA YMF offers networking opportunities for younger civil engineers to get to know others in the engineering and construction industry. It offers a chance to share experiences vicariously through others and learn about workplace cultures at other companies and agencies. I am passionate about civil engineering and wise investment in essential infrastructure services. I aim to design and manage projects for an ever increasing and sustainable quality of life.

ASCE Board/Committees/Positions 

  • LA YMF Treasurer - 2018-19

  • LA YMF University Outreach Co-Chair - 2017-18

  • LA YMF University Outreach Chair - 2016-17

  • LA YMF University Outreach Chair - 2015-16

  • LA YMF University Outreach Chair - 2014-15

  • LA YMF University Outreach Chair - 2013-14

  • LA YMF Member - 2012-13

  • Student Member - 2006 - 2012

  • Concrete Sports Co-Lead - 2008-09

Andrea Casalboni

Vision Statement

Every ASCE member benefits from a variety of opportunities created by the community of engineering professionals itself. As a matter of fact, the response to a member’s need is generated by another member, committee, or institution within Society. Based on this simple paradigm, what I believe members at YMF level need is platforms and resources. On that note, as future LA YMF Treasurer I want to propel the creation of opportunities for our students, younger professionals, and members by creating platforms. The main goal of the operation is inspiring as many individuals as possible to sponsor, become part of, and publicize the programs of ASCE LA YMF. In order to achieve this goal, I would like to build a bridge and a communication infrastructure with public radios (i.e. NPR), television content production companies (i.e. Netflix), and other media. The final goal is developing a variety of content in the form of articles, radio reports, or television documentaries which create the platform ASCE LA YMF deserves to promote event fundraising, amplify its audience, and reach as many young and future engineers as possible. Having the platform is just the first step of offering adequate resources to our members, and I believe this process may benefit from the birth of an official ASCE LA YMF app. With the diverse array of tasks, event and operation management each board officer has to deal with, a single data storage would be truly beneficial in order to simplify processes and ease new officers learning of best practices. On top of all of this, as the new Treasurer I would make sure to maintain and improve the wellness of the financial assets of ASCE LA YMF by researching grants and sponsorships reserved to nonprofit organizations, as well as simplifying and making internal reimbursement procedures automated and integrated in the app.

ASCE Board/Committees/Positions 

  • ASCE LA YMF Scholarship Co-Chair - 2018

Other Applicable Volunteer Activities

Other Applicable Volunteer Activities

I am also interested in developing comparisons of past years’ finances for analysis. I would like to mentor student chapters on their finances.


  • ASCE MLAB Outstanding Civil Engineer in the Private Sector (2015)

  • Engineering and Business for Sustainability Certificate (2012)

  • Management of Technology Certificate (2012)

  • UC Berkeley International House Certificate of Global Leadership Skills (2012)

  • UCLA Engineering Achievement Award (2010) 

  • ASCE LA Section Leo & Pat Hirschfeldt Scholarship (2009)


  • MLAB Outstanding Civil Engineer in Community Service (2018)

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